Sunday, January 31, 2010

The wisdom of man

As I peruse the many newspapers that are on the web, at least those which are not charging for their service, I enjoy reading the comments made to certain articles. I have been attracted mainly to those articles that report on people who have gotten themselves in some type of legal trouble.

Then I read the comments and I wonder just how many people out there are perfect. From their comments I would imagine that many of them are as they denigrate and verbally punish the offender written about.

When I was growing up I did many a foolish thing, heck, even as an adult I have done many foolish things, but I grew up in an era where people who did foolish things were allowed to get on with their lives, after paying some type of penitence. Now days, it appears that this is an impossibility. It makes me cringe when I read the comments that not only are vicious, but are also of pure condemnation for the offender.

I guess it makes the commentator feel better about him/herself, but I know that in their lives they have dark secrets they don't want the world to know. While it is good to catch people who are doing things contrary to the law, it is also good to understand that we don't know the reasons surrounding the offence. I try not to judge for I am in no position to do so. I can suggest and hope to change a persons attitude or desires to do something, but I am not a judge. I may not have done what others have, but I am not a judge. Scriptural wisdom tells us not to judge unrighteously least we be judged the same way, but man's wisdom is not God's wisdom and so men will continue to judge another's actions while ignoring their own dark sides.

We want the world to think we are a fair and forgiving nation but in fact we are neither fair, nor forgiving as we are quick to judge and demand more than a pound of flesh for an offence. May God have mercy on someone that screws up in life because man surely won't.

Friday, September 19, 2008

What a mess!

Well, it looks like greed and political ineptness have combined to really screw up the financial markets in this country. You can't blame the Republicans alone here. The Democrats are as much in the fire as the Republicans. I viewed a list of the board members on both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and there were a lot of Democrats from the Clinton era listed, as well as a few Republicans.

Then you have Barnie Frank who has been trying to loosen restrictions on home buying for years and now that Democrats got in control, he had his way also.

Now, the government will guarantee the worse loans and the tax payers will pay for the mess we are in. The failure of great brokerage houses can be directly tied to greed and a desire to take advantage of the general public, all in the name of increasing home ownership. OOPS!!!

I almost hope Obama wins. Not because I support Obama but because I don't think anyone coming into the office of President will have much success for his first 4 years. Obama and a Democrat controlled congress will continue to make things worse and we will pay even more. The only thing that keeps me from voting for such a mistake is that Obama will have the ability to appoint judges that will make the matter worse.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Musings in paradise

This is simply a blog of a person that has way too much time on his hands. I call it 'Musings in Paradise' not because I believe I live in a paradisaical world but because I believe 'Paradise' is a state of mind; a way of thinking.

Regardless of the problems of this world we can find within ourselves a sense of paradise by the way we approach problems and work through them. Paradise is fraught with its own problems like, 'Do we climb the tree for fruit or do we wait for it to fall?', or 'Why is there no witch doctor that accepts Medicare?'.

While I know there are many problems in Paradise that face us, I also know that Paradise is what we make it.

While I may be crazy, we must remember that crazy people sometimes see the world in a way that makes sense. So, lets continue this experiment to see what we can come up with.